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A taste of Salfest 2019 in photos.

space in a headstand
space's show Rainbow Soul Food.
Audience watching space
Watch this space!
Kevin Wilkie
Kevin Wilkie in An Interrogation Story in One Act
Lisa Dahling
Lisa Dahling in An Interrogation Story in One Act
Wendy Judith Cutler
Playwright Wendy Judith Cutler watching An Interrogation Story in One Act
Saltfest banner
Saltfest tent
Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown in Ella and Billie, a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday
Suzie Gay
Suzie Gay in Ella and Billie
Harry Warner
Harry Warner performing Growing Up in Ireland
Audeince watching a show
Audience at Saltfest
Photo of lollyb
Sunday morning stand up with lollyb
Photo of williambrown
william brown is a pendulum having a human experience
Photo of Taryn Muldoon
Taryn Muldoon with her chapbook Let Me Call My Wild Cry
Saltfest audience
Appreciative Saltfest audience
Photo of Nedjo Rogers
Nedjo Rogers performing Your Seance In
Photo of Natalie Meisner
Natalie Meisner reading from her upcoming book BADDIE ONE SHOE
Photo of Shamana Ali
Shamana Ali performing Dancestors