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Harry Warner

Photo of Harry Warner

Sean McIntyre of The Gulf Islands Driftwood writes of Harry Warner's album "Galway to Ganges":

A new album from singer-songwriter Harry Warner traces the artist's voyage from his native Ireland to Salt Spring and brings listeners on a melodious journey through history in the process. "This is something I'd wanted to do for years," said Warner in a telephone interview from his south-end home. "The goal was to write and play songs about youth and my life, at least until now."

Appreciation of Galway to Ganges grows with time and though those unfamiliar with Irish song may initially feel inclined to hold back, a few listens will have all but those with the raspiest of voices tapping a foot and singing a ditty. The overarching themes of exile and new beginnings permeate the album, much as they have the life of Harry Warner.

Like so many who have moved to Salt Spring Island from elsewhere, the former professor of mathematics from Ryerson University in Toronto said moving here seemed like "one of those things in life that seemed right."

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